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Team Members


Laser Engineer

Responsibilities: Maintenance and repair of clinical laser and IPL/RF therapy systems including Cynosure, Candela, Cutera, Jeisys and Laserscope.

Favourite aspect: I enjoy the variety of work, no two days are the same, travel and seeing different faces every day.


Laser Engineer

Responsibilities: Laser servicing and repair.

Favourite aspect: The satisfaction of repairing a
clients machine and keeping it working efficiently.


Zimmer cooler technician

Responsibilities: Repairing, servicing and installing Cryo Zimmer cooler machines.

Favourite aspect: Providing great customer service!


Technical Director

Responsibilities: Management of all technical aspects within Lasertronic, management of our engineers’ training so we can deliver our service offering, Laser Protection Advisor, interfacing with external clients for their service needs.

Favourite aspect: Managing problems and finding cheaper solutions by reverse engineering and the repair of expensive laser components.


Laser Engineer

Responsibilities: Solving problems in the use of laser equipment at customer sites. Diagnosing technical problems by using test equipment to fix lasers. Interacting with customers to keep them informed.

Favourite aspect: Seeing the look on customers faces’ when their lasers are running again.


Service Co-ordinator

Responsibilities: Managing engineers’ diaries and allocating jobs. I manage all general enquiries and am one of the first points of contact for clients reporting breakdowns.

Favourite aspect: Managing engineers diaries and ensuring our clients are satisfied with the service provided.


Laser Engineer

Responsibilities: Maintenance and repair of lasers using a comprehensive knowledge of different systems

Favourite aspect: Seeing our clients happy once their systems are up and running again.


Service Manager

Responsibilities, Managing the day-to-day running of the office and overseeing all aspects of service related issues.
Working in partnership with Syneron-Candela and resolving complaints.

Favourite aspect: The variety, as no two days are ever the same and client satisfaction

“I contacted Lasertronic when we had an emergency issue with our laser machine. I had the most prompt response and an engineer pretty much straight away. The engineer was polite and informative and now I always contact the team with any queries, followed by the quickest response. Genuinely recommended.”

Miss Couture, Birmingham

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